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Our Plans for signflip

Right now signflip is just beginning, so we still have work to do in order to grow our community! Our plan is to quickly add a job board for businesses to post their sign spinning jobs in your area. But, first, we will need everyone’s help...because businesses are not going to waste their time with a site that has no users. So we have decided to divide this process into several campaigns:

1. Create an interesting site with user connections specific to the sign spinning community.

2. Add as many users as possible through online communities like Facebook, Myspace, twitter, etc.

3. Once a fair amount of users have joined and are involved then we go after the jobs...

o Add interactive and well designed job board.

o Pull jobs from existing sign spinning jobs from other online job boards; i.e.,, etc.

o Promote, Promote, Promote using free websites like, social media sites, and other job posting forums

4. These will essentially jumpstart the site into an online resource for the sign spinning community.

Our goal with this site is not to make money but to create a one stop website for sign spinning jobs and to promote this awesome new form of advertising. Once the system is flowing then individuals looking for work in the industry can literally start their own business selling their own skills. I will provide features that sign flippers can print their own business cards, setup their own profiles with video resumes, and calendars of when they will be available to work. And did I mention it is all for free!!!


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