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Welcome to Signflip Blog

Welcome to the offical Signflip blog!

The initial setup of signflip is almost complete and soon we will be ready to go public. It's been an interesting process so far, but there is high hopes for this site. Just researching content on the art of sign spinning and flipping has been eye opening. The idea of flipping just started a few years ago and has grown by leaps and bounds to include competitions, training camps, and high profile companies using them in television ads! More content and additions will soon be available to the site in order to help individuals looking to extend their potential into this new form of advertising. Job postings and listings will be the primary function of the site starting out in order to provide one place for freelance spinners to find consistent employment. Start spreading the word! Link to our face book, twitter, myspace, and youtube accounts and help promote yourselves a job!!!


- Signflip Support Team

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